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Title: Beaglebone Black battery project
Post by: ClassicCrazy on April 29, 2016, 11:01:19 PM
Just sharing the following from a discussion  in a different thread that uses Beaglebone Black


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Re: Minimum battery charge current for voltage regulation
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The Controller is a patchwork of different PCBs

The control PCB is a general purpose microcontroller board that I designed ages ago based on an Freescale 68HC12  microprocontroller

The power circuitry is on a single sided PCB that I made up specially. The power electronics is slightly unusual in that I have a separate MPPT circuit for each solar panel. Another probably unusual feature is a 4 pole relay that connects the solar panels to the FETs. This is there as a safety mechanism in case of a blown FET or other fault. It also provide some lightning protection as it is NO at night.

Using the Wikipedia entry for MPPT definitions, the algorithm i have used is perturb and observe. It works well.

I did design and write the code. The software is written in assembler and Forth and runs under a multitasking Forth kernel. One of the tasks is a Forth interpreter connected to a serial port.

Another project I have designed and made and runs on the BBB is a Battery Monitoring System for LFP batteries that is written in Python and PHP. It is an opensource project here. https://github.com/simat/BatteryMonitor