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Title: How Does Barcelona Sense Vbat? - Answered
Post by: Vic on September 20, 2019, 01:57:37 PM
The Barcelona is looking great,   thanks onanparts for all the pics.

As noted on the new Brochure,  that Robin mentioned,  the Barcelona (and Hawk's  Bay)  DO HAVE REMOTE BATTERY SENSE !! (Thank you again,  MidNite!).

New Porducts Brochure:

But,  how does Barcelona sense battery voltage,   have not yet seen the terminals for battery voltage sense (Kelvin terminals) ??

Will Barcelona need an added widget to do this (a communication accessory) ??

Sure do hope to see a close-in ship date,   soon.   She is looking quite finished,   very nice work,  MidNite !

Thanks again MidNite!,   Vic