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System Design and Layout / Re: Sizing breakers
« Last post by welmore on Today at 12:47:24 AM »
1.5 times the current, short circuit (Isc).

I know, it sounds strange. Normally you size the protection to open before full current, but solar is different.

Use the Isc from one panel.  Do not add Isc for series strings.

"Once you stop learning, exploring and thinking of projects you are for all intensive purposes dead!"

 +++ my thinking exactly!

Hope to see this in less than 5 years.
Maybe old mate is already dead?
Article gleaned from Morningstar's website:

   What are acceptable dump/diversion loads?
Diversion loads acceptable for use are water heating elements and air heating elements (i.e. purely resistive loads). DO NOT use light bulbs, motors, inverters, refrigerators, or other electrical devices for diversion loads. These loads will sustain damage or cause the controller to disconnect the load (leaving the system unprotected from overcharge). Only heating elements should be used. Diversion load sizing is addressed in your diversion controller’s manual.

This probably was meant for Morningstar controllers operating in diversion mode only but does apply to the diversion load output of the Kid as well


Off Topic Discussions / Re: What is it?
« Last post by russ_drinkwater on Today at 12:27:19 AM »
I think everyone with standalone power systems may be very happy to have them in the very near future.
That kim quon dong is a crazy man.
Err, sorry if I have name wrong aka "rocket man"
Yeah, I got IBS and I still love $50 solar panels!
Wind turbines are just a play thing, but I freely admit the money I have spent on them and hubs, blades etc etc from windy nation would have been better spent on 2 more grid tie inverters and 30 more 2nd hand panels.
I fiddle for the enjoyment of discovery!
Once you stop learning, exploring and thinking of projects you are for all intensive purposes dead!
My idea on life anyways.
I am working on a Raspberry Pi based server that will read my two Classics and provide a web based display.  It is written in HTML and PHP Besides the Pi, no special hardware is required.   If you are interested, I would be happy to  share the files and get suggestions for improvements.  Keep in mind, this is a work in progress.

At present, this does not send commands to the Classics. It just reads the registers, does some math and provides a display.

I also use the Samlex DC to DC converters, they are in the mid 90's% efficient and provide a clean stable voltage on the output to run 12 volt radio from my 24 volt systems.

Off Topic Discussions / Re: What is it?
« Last post by CDN-VT on September 23, 2017, 10:47:02 PM »
Out go the Lights !

I agree Guys
Hydro is a totally different math than solar & weather dependent .

I haven't done any wind (as in fan on a pole )
My wife says different !!!!

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