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Raspberry PI / Re: Classic Monitoring with a raspberry pi
« Last post by ClassicCrazy on Today at 01:31:41 PM »
You probably want the latest and greatest Raspberry Pi 3 B + model.
If you want to wait a bit there is supposed to be a Raspberry Pi 4 coming out but I don't know details.
As to where to purchase - depends on if you want to get the complete kit with power supply, a case, the sd card, etc or just the board which is abut $35 . Get the kit if you don't have all that other stuff laying around and the case is a good idea.
Lots of places to look for what you get for the money - Amazon, Adafruit, Ebay, Ali Express. Make sure you don't get an old Raspberry Pi 3 model - it has to be 3 B+
Also a good quality SD card makes a big difference

For what you want to do Node Red is the way to go so if you can figure that out you have it made . Lots of tutorials on Node Red - I like Andreas Spiess on Youtube .
here is his latest video but look back at the others


Raspberry PI / Re: Classic Monitoring with a raspberry pi
« Last post by Steve_S on Today at 10:42:01 AM »
I'm just catching up on the forum here and saw this and I am very intrigued indeed.   

While I don't mind the software for my C-200 and it's useable, it's just a tad "lacking" shall we say.  Now I don't have a Raspberry but have been pondering getting into them over the last couple of years as I've realized they can be used for many things.  I'd like to be able to setup a Pi that could gather the stats from my C200 and if possible from my new Samlex EVO-4024 Inverter which I could then access from my PC.  Although, I'm not sure of the Samlex capabilities the spec's state the following:
RJ-45 Jacks for Communication Ports “COMM 1” and “COMM 2” - for rS-485 networking and MODbUS Serial Communication Protocol (for future use)   RJ-45 Jacks for Communication Ports “COM 3” and “COM 4” - for “CANbus” Serial Communication Protocol (for future use)

Other uses for the Pi could be to manage my heat recovery / air exchanger ventilator (fan speeds related to temps) and such.  I know that's beyond the scope of this topic but I'm hoping you would be able to recommend a good Pi bundle (there are so darned many, it's nuts!) that could / would best accommodate me.

Thanks again for the coaching. Digi-key tech support helped me put together an order with the D2450 SSR along with a heat sink and other mounting items. The add-ons more than doubled the total cost, but overall it wasn't a big expense (compared to buying a new inverter, batteries, house, etc.) Our plan is to install just one SSR on L1. If there's eventually a need for 240v grid input, we'll replicate our existing SSR install with parallel control wiring from the Classic, as boB recommended.

As for surge suppression, would it work to install a Midnite surge arrestor like this upstream from the SSR?

Schneider SW4048 with Midnite Classic 200SL
2 Chevy Volt 48v 12s 50ah modules, voltage range 36-48v
2kw Panasonic HIT 6-panel array
grid support, no genny
Classic FAQs / Re: my classic 200 says GOT COMM? NEED HELP FAST
« Last post by boB on May 24, 2019, 03:19:23 PM »

One question is:   Is it just a communications error or are you sure that the Classic is not converting power from solar PV to the batteries ?

Have you tried resetting the Classic (power off and back on again) and does it work for a while ?  If so, then it MIGHT be the issue that Kyle was talking about in which case, a firmware update may just fix it.

If not, please take a multimeter and measure the PV input voltage to see if it is indeed zero volts and the battery voltage to see what it is.

Classic FAQs / Re: my classic 200 says GOT COMM? NEED HELP FAST
« Last post by KyleM on May 24, 2019, 12:49:45 PM »
We see a rash of this error as the temperatures starts to go up.

Double check your communication wire between the Control board and MNGP.  Make sure it has not been crimped  spindled or mutilated. Do not forget to check the contact pins on the cable and in the sockets. They do get moved around as time goes by and if they are not making good contact you will see the GOT COM error. Cleaning these contacts with acetone works wonders.

There are 6 wires in the communications cable the outer 2 are for the LEDs the secondary 2 are the power and the middle 2 are communications.

We have also made some changes to the latest FW 2193 that in some cases has fixed the GOT COM error just by doing an update.

We have noticed a trend that this error seems to happen more as the temps get higher so keeping your Classic cool is super important.   

Good Luck out there.
Classic FAQs / Re: my classic 200 says GOT COMM? NEED HELP FAST
« Last post by iraqisandman on May 24, 2019, 08:48:33 AM »
After searching the web for a solution and reading the troubleshooting guide, and doing a quick search of this forum my problem was solved by resetting the circuit breaker between my PV and the Classic. 

Since someone else may be out there in a panic looking for an easy, quick solution I thought I'd post how I got positive results.
Raspberry PI / Re: Classic does not accept modbus write commands
« Last post by boB on May 22, 2019, 01:25:54 PM »
There is also a jumper, 1 of those 4 behind the larger terminal block that, if installed across the 2 pins, allows you to write without having to send the serial number.  You might try that.

I think it is the 2nd from the left when looking at the wiring compartment/Ethernet jack end of the Classic.
I think I remembered that right !

Raspberry PI / Re: Classic does not accept modbus write commands
« Last post by Pac0 on May 22, 2019, 11:39:16 AM »
Well after a new "raw" test I've done with the problem: ::)
pymodbusTCP closed the connection in every call because the param auto_close=True  :o

Thanks also...

Raspberry PI / Classic does not accept modbus write commands
« Last post by Pac0 on May 22, 2019, 09:17:40 AM »
Hi to all the forum members,

I own two Classics 150 since 2013, both worked very well... for now. Last year I started to monitor my PV system, and after ponder several options, I choose to program the project in Python, based in a work of two spanish people nikkito & Mleon who had developed PVControl+ for Raspberry PI. I forked their work to accommodate it to my system: 2 Classics + 2 Victron Multiplus. For this I designed a Python Class that query the Classics via modbus TCP and a Python program that read the data and save it in a MysQL database.
The problem appeared when I decided to upgrade the program in order to send commands to the Classics to change their status, or simply change de absortion time. Nevertheless I'm stuck in the process because despite having try several ways the Classics reply denying the command.
I was looking for the answer in the forum, but it seems that does not go with my equipment. Could be that the firmware in the Classics, very old, has some problem to accept modbus write commands. The version for both Classics is: 1.0.19.

In the search for a solution I found newmodbus utility for Raspberry PI, and for my surprise it works when I send a write command. This means that something is wrong in my program but I don't know what is this.

For your information previously to send te write command I send the serial number the registers: 20492 and 20493, and the Classics reply ok to this command and with modbus error 1 in thew next command.

for the new test I'm using pymodbusTCP, but the original development use sockets and anyone who wants to see it has it in my GitHub page:

I hope someone could help my and thank you in advance

Let me get it for you, I need a modbus register to finish the document

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