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Keith, have a look at DYI Chris's install pictures.... may be a bit more than you need but the idea is pretty good..

Do you have a pointer? I haven't been able DYI Chris's install pictures.

Off Topic Discussions / Re: 20,000 amp DC breaker
« Last post by TomW on Today at 09:09:23 AM »

Quite the manly breaker, that one!

Sadly stuff like that is becoming rare.

Thanks for the share.

General Discussion / Re: whiz bang jr stuck at 100%
« Last post by dgd on Today at 05:33:33 AM »
... as I have been sawing 8ft fences posts for a set of cattle yards and contractor
with heavy duty hydraulic digger (rock under top 12 inches of soil) is coming this monday.

you are putting the posts in ground as mountings for PVs? Getting them off that tin roof you told us about  last year? That should be easier to get at the PV wiring snd combiner boxes

Lead Acid (Sealed and flooded) / Re: 24 to 48 volt upgrade
« Last post by russ_drinkwater on Today at 01:46:11 AM »
The degradation of the plates would be more in the older batteries than the newer ones.
Newer cells will last longer as there is less "wear and tear".
It may take a lot more time before the sg levels alter enough for you to notice.
A battery can be just about buggered and will still show sg of 1275. But it will not take as long to deplete that battery if compared to a new one. Explained to me as seeing two equal sized dams both full of water, one holds 10 megaliters and the other 3 megaliters. The
difference is that the one with the less volume is full of mud!
They still look the same and appear to be full, but pumping them out shows the true holding capacity!
Off Topic Discussions / Re: 20,000 amp DC breaker
« Last post by russ_drinkwater on Today at 01:36:51 AM »
Ok, next question what antique shop sells them!
So well made and awesome strength in construction.
Made to last a 100 years or more.
Sadly we never see anything like that today. Probably because they would want $5,000 to make each one.
Off Topic Discussions / 20,000 amp DC breaker
« Last post by ClassicCrazy on April 23, 2017, 11:35:33 PM »
yeah you heard it right  - neat tear down of huge DC breaker
Keith, have a look at DYI Chris's install pictures.... may be a bit more than you need but the idea is pretty good..
The "Classic" charge controller / Re: Two Classics side-by-side -- How to run the wires
« Last post by Vic on April 23, 2017, 07:48:25 PM »
Hi Keith,

Have done similar installations,  running cables from one Classic,  into the other.   This should not be a Code issue,   although,  am not a Code expert.

One obvious,  but probably small disadvantage,  is if one needed to remove the Classic that is mounted to the e-panel,  the cables to the outside Classic would also need to be removed.

In the past,  have used a 1" coupler between the Classics,  and Chase Nipples inside the cable bay of each Classic,   threaded into the coupler.   This protects the cable,   and when the nipples are removed there are no threads still into the Classic's casting.

Picture attached.   FWIW,   Vic
I am installing two Classic 150s to support two different PV arrays on an e-panel. Classic #1 will be directly connected to the right side of an e-panel with a 1 inch nipple. Classic #2 will be to the right of Classic #1.

Is it OK to install a nipple between the two classics and run the wires for Classic #2 through Classic #1 or is it better to run conduit from Classic #2 to the e-panel?

The "Classic" charge controller / Re: Not exactly a FW update problem or is it?
« Last post by Westbranch on April 23, 2017, 03:36:01 PM »
 :o    :o   >:(   Where did yesterdays post go????  ARRRGH.....

OK skip the dirty details like intermittent NET connectivity...??? all day... !  Sussed THAT out today!
Day 1:
Started by removing the Classic cover  and the broadcast light was flashing.. positive sign.
Went to the HUB and the lights were blinking too, next to the BRIDGE, it indicates that it is broadcasting...
Up to the loft and I flushed all the old settings, etc and rebuilt the LAN, Device names, etc, etc...
Next check Bride connection. NADA... re check BRIDGE settings, found one issue....  reconnect... still NADA!  at this point SWMBO ordered me to lay down my tools and sleep on it...!

I was testing another older router and I don't know how or why I somehow got both of them synced and operating as a NETwork.... (Retrospectively, I think it may have been acting as a BRIDGE on the old lap top...)
got rid of that I think, though there are still some funny things going on when one W7 machine tries to connect...??

hooked up the Classic to the HUB and then hard wired to the ROUTER...  Voila! Houston we have Contact!  Yahoo.. 8)

The strange part is that the  ROUTER picked up a signal from the BRIDGE yesterday, but not today?
So this may be the main part of the problem, the BRIDGE is starting to fail...??

Now if James can 'flush' my invisible Classic from the MM2 data  I can test that part of the system out.

New(er) LinkSYS Router should be at home when I get back tomorrow...

Them should just have to set up the new Router up and..... fingers crossed...  ???   ::)

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