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MNPV6 combiner ,150v dc polarity sensitive breakers.

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I have been trying to narrow down a nice combiner box for a new array install. The system is 12 x 200w panels  divided into 6 x  2S / 1 P configuration.  So I was looking at the MNPV6 combiner and 6 of the 150v DC beakers.

My issue is that breakers in Australian by code in PV installations can not be polarity sensitive . Are the midnite breakers still polarity sensitive?

Given that I also need a main PV disconnect / isolation switch at the panels (as my PV disconnect at the other end is more than 3m distance from my roof panels so I require a 2nd one up on the roof to met code) Because of this need I was also looking at the combiner boxes like the MNPV6-Disco Combiner to kill two birds with one stone.

Though if I cant use the midnite 150v breakers due to the polarity sensitivity issue (this might not be a issue if you have a new line of breakers that are not polarity sensitive) I know I could use fuses but is there a disconnect enclosure that will take 6 fuses and get the same job done perhaps with a switched fuse holder?  I can only hold 4 in the MNPV6 enclosure .

Just some advise on what product you have to get the job done.


That is a tough one. At the present time the Din rail breakers are still polarity sensitive. One thing that can be used is the MNPV6HV-Disco it uses fuses and has a load break rated switch.


Same thing happening in NZ, from next year, must not be polarity sensitive. I hope you guys are talking nicely to your breaker maker... it will be a real bummer not to have a din dc breaker.

seem to recall another posting on this, may have been about polarized breakers as we have now.
I think it was Robin.

Thats ok,
              Thinking about it more I will go with the MN-MNPV12 that can hold 10 switched fuses.

I can use 6 of them for the 12 panels - 2400w  discussed. I also have another 8 panels - 1600w that will be installed  on the roof behind this array once I get the tilt frame sorted for them. So space fot I 4 more fuses will be perfect.

As for the main isolator within 3m of the panels I will just install one in a separate enclosure I think this will be the simplest way.



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