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MNSPD Wiring for 120V AC Panel

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My offgrid cabin is 100% solar, fed by my 120V Magnum inverter in my detached garage.  I have an AC panel there, as well as an AC subpanel in my cabin.  I want to install an MNSPD in both AC panels, but I'm a bit confused on how to wire them.  The wiring diagrams for AC panels I've found assume a 240V system (with the black and red leads from the MNSPD going to both sides of the same 240V breaker).  How would I wire it in a 120V panel?


I am probably wrong and someone may correct me but...

I would either just use one of the Surge suppressor leads to the HOT AC line or put both AC surge suppressor leads on the one HOT AC line?

Going to review the install guide for them.


Here is how I would do it. Presumably one of these panels has the AC neutral and ground bonded. In that panel I would put the red and black on the AC hot lead and the green to ground. In the panel without the bond as the neutral floats sort of I would wire it Red to AC hot, Black (with included white heat shrink) on the AC Neutral and green to ground

We tend to over look Neutrals and in cases where the bond is a ways away this can be problematic. Electrically it is at ground potential but during a strike or very strong surge the resistance in the wire can make it look isolated from ground.



Much better.


Thanks - that helps.  I'm not entirely sure if my main AC panel (in garage) or subpanel (in cabin) has neutral bonded to ground or not - how could I tell?  For additional background, I'm utilizing the Magnum 4024 pre-wired Midnite E-Panel (came pre-assembled with the Classic CC and Magnum 120V inverter) installed by the battery bank in the garage.  From the E-Panel, I'm running 10 AWG romex 25' to the 120V main AC panel in the garage (offgrid, so there is no other AC input), which then feeds 120' into the AC subpanel in the cabin.


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