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MNSPD Wiring for 120V AC Panel

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I know this is an old topic but have very similar question. Running single-phase 120VAC on Outback inverter off-grid system (20 years old) and just tried to put a Midnite SPD on the AC side. Neutral and ground are bonded within this panel and I ran GREEN wire to ground, then both BLACK and RED wires to AC L1. No LEDs lighting up. Any suggestions most welcome.

Here's what I read from Ryan on this topic:

--- Quote from: Halfcrazy on January 03, 2014, 01:55:31 PM ---Here is how I would do it. Presumably one of these panels has the AC neutral and ground bonded. In that panel I would put the red and black on the AC hot lead and the green to ground. In the panel without the bond as the neutral floats sort of I would wire it Red to AC hot, Black (with included white heat shrink) on the AC Neutral and green to ground

We tend to over look Neutrals and in cases where the bond is a ways away this can be problematic. Electrically it is at ground potential but during a strike or very strong surge the resistance in the wire can make it look isolated from ground.


--- End quote ---


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