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bulkhead fittings used to bring the solar string wires into the MNPV6 combiner

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Hi, I really like the design and quality of the MNPV6 combiner box.   

One reason for purchasing it is that I have seen at least two great ways that you have brought the solar strings into the box in your prebuilt systems.    And I'm trying to learn from  the methods. 

One prebuilt design of yours  seems to have individual  MC4 connectors,  coming through the knockouts that you have in the bottom. 
  This is an MNPV3 set us as a 2 but it shows the method:   


The MC4 connectors that I have are too big for the small punchout, and too small for the large punchout (to just set in the hole and tighten down).
Did you use a smaller diameter MC4 than I have, or use something to bridge the gap between the large hole and the MC4?

The other design that I saw (again, very sanely done (1970's term)) had 4 pigtails coming through, I think, one of the knockouts.   It's shown here: 


My understanding is that the bulkhead fittings that I can buy are only to seal around one cable.  I'm wondering if you could share of point to that type of bulkhead connector that works with multiple cables, I could not find them at home depot and lowe's... ). 

thanks for any advice, Again, I really enjoy your products. 

take care, GP.

MidNite sells a two-hole raintite connector for a 1/2" conduit KO. I have used four wire versions that require a 3/4" conduit KO and I even have some that fit in a 1" conduit KO that will fit 8 PV wires. Home Depot does not stock these.

I'm in the same boat regarding MC4 fittings that can fit in the holes on a combiner box.  Does anyone know what these are called or where to buy them?  Standard MC4 connectors fit neither the large nor small punchout size.

I just did a real quick Google search and here is one: http://www.pv-cables.com/Multi-Contact_Connectors-Multi-Contact_Bulk_Head_Male_connector.html

Here is the other polarity http://www.pv-cables.com/Multi-Contact_Connectors-Multi-Contact_Bulk_Head_Female_connector.html


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