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Re: Ethernet Modbus port for KID
« Reply #15 on: February 21, 2019, 08:22:42 AM »
Hi dgd et. al., I'm wondering how your KID access projects have gone and whether you have any learnings to share with someone just starting theirs?

I have an Arduino Yun (v1) as a submeter in my house, and am working on a second project using a MKR GSM 1400 board as a remote boat monitor.

Data from the KID is on my "nice to have" list since I have mostly figured out how to get similar information from the Victron BMV 600 battery monitor. The main purpose of this project is to let me know if the batteries are low or there is water where there shouldn't be (not that I have returned to the boat with dead batteries or a flood ever before :-\ ). The MKR checks sensors and sends data to an IoT website every so often, and I want it to wake and send immediate notification under certain conditions. I think those criteria will all be from the BMV or the water sensors, but maybe something from the KID or it may be useful to log what's going on there? Or I could compare the KID and BMV readings (e.g. battery voltage) as QA. One thing I do want to know from the KID is if it's on. I think this is the best trigger for my monitor to know it's summer, the solar is up and running, so we are most likely but not certainly in the water, and we have plenty of incoming power. When the PV is off, we are probably on land, with the cover on, so no dispatching anything through relays, and less frequent updates.

I have spare Arduinos kicking around and could assign one to augment the KID rather than tying the KID directly into my boat monitor.

Additional context:
The boat is wind powered with solar backup. Sails are the first choice, but the auxiliary is a 5.5 kW (continuous) electric motor at 48V drawing from a 3.3 kWh bank of AGMs, which are charged by a 390 W of PV feeding through a MidNite KID. (The motor seemed quite powerful and this system quite capable when I installed it in 2012, but today....yay for what's happening!)