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MNPV-6 DISCO impressions
« on: August 13, 2011, 02:50:28 AM »

In order to get up to code,  I replaced an existing MNPV6 with an MNPV Disco. I purchased my DISCO from Colorado Solar This box combines two PV source circuits as it enters the power shed. Packaging -- the Disco came in an 8 inch deep box with about 3 inches of void and corner padding pieces to bring the combiner flush with the top of the packaging box. This was an early production run so I hope that later Midnite will come up with the right size box for this model -- I always appreciated the compact and slick packaging of the MNPV6s.

The MNPV Disco box is identical in width and height to the mnpv 6, but it is about 3/4 inch deeper than the mnpv6 to accommodate the breaker activator mechanism. At first, I figured that I could swap just the outside front cover and the plastic cover between the two boxes without having to undo the cabling and strain relief on the existing mnpv6, but I was not able to close back on the metal cover fully on the old box this way so I went ahead and replaced everything.  In every other respect the  disco is identical inside to the mnpv6 - uses the same DIN rail breakers too -- so I was able to swap out the negative bar from my old box. The big red lockable disconnect switch  operates smoothly and has a good solid feel. It took a little fiddling to fit the activator mechanism to the back of the shutoff  but once you realize how it works, it gets easy. This is a really nice solid design that saves time and reduces installation cost since it combines the shutoff and breaker into one box.

4.6KW offgrid PV system, Classic 200, MX60, dual Magnum PAE 4448 inverters, Midnite combiner and disconnect boxes, e-panel,  WBJr, and 8 MN SPDs