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Re: Blackbox on a tablet
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For the sake of completeness, the Android screen dimming issue can be solved using a deeply buried Dolphin setting.

Settings, advanced, more, Keep screen on.

(dont you just love android menus, yuk)

So to recap:

Android settings
- Developer options, stay awake ( keeps the screen from turning off while plugged in).

Dolphin browser:
- settings, advanced, more, Keep screen on. (stops screen from dimming)
- control panel, full screen (enables immersive mode, ie hides android nav and status bars) OR  javascript request full screen mode (same effect)

Automate It:
- reduce screen brightness (or turn screen off) at 9pm
- increase screen brightness at 7am.

Power consumption seems to follow no discernable pattern from any of the above. Dimmed does seem to result in the lowest consumption, although i also saw it pretty low using one of the screen brightness apps.

Dolphin still crashes from time to time, however Chrome and the others were all worse in that respect. I think theres something about the heavy javascript (ajax, json, graph libs, jquery etc) in there that the browsers struggle with. I might try to reduce the libs a bit, since it appears that flot can do scrolling graphs.
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