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48v Sevcon 17A battery charger
« on: October 18, 2016, 05:01:33 PM »
i have a few sevcon 48v 17A battery chargers for sale.

I bought a group of them and will be using several with my offgrid setup. 

i normally used my magnum inverter's built in charger but there are times when i use heavy loads and the surges knock off my generator.

This way I can have my generator constantly charging independent of the inverter charger fluctuations.

online Documentation seems a little lite.

I have done some basic testing . 

It does have some brains in it that throttle charging as batteries become more charged. it states it has a 4 stage charger algorithms

first connected charger slowly ramps up.  maybe takes a minute to get to full current operation.
i had batteries charging at
16.6-16.8 amps @50.2v.
15.2 amps at 52.5 volts
14.8 amps at 54 volts
14.4 amps at 55 volts

14.0 amps at 55.49 volts
13.2 amps at 55.49 volts
11.0 amps at 55.2 volts
10.6 amps at 55.18 volts
10.2 amps at 55.18 volts
9.8  amps at 55.18 volts
9.4  amps at 55.19 volts
8.8  amps at 55.18 volts

With the above stated results it looks like it wants to hold voltage to 55.18.  which seems like a decent value .

the charger has a substantial heatsink, and does not have vents or fans.  IN operation with charger sitting on the ground unit warmed about 25-30C over ambient.  I would imagine mounted vertically fins on heatsink would perform better.

unit comes with inline fuse, WITHOUT power cord. 

one thing I did not check is power factor. I would suspect with the name "pfc charger" it may have good pf figures.  But it could also just be naming to mislead consumers.   I am currently away from the chargers so will be a few days unit I can check that out.

I am thinking maybe a good alternative to an iota charger.  it seems like sevcon is a reputable company.

Anyway looking for $120 per charger.
chargers are located in Utah near ogden

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Re: 48v Sevcon 17A battery charger
« Reply #1 on: July 28, 2020, 08:25:04 PM »
Are these still available?
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