Author Topic: Question about hooking up a Jacobs 110 Volt 3000 Watt Wind Generator  (Read 494 times)


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We are soon purchasing a used but still in pretty good shape Jacobs 3000 watt 110 volt wind generator. I think it puts out max. 140 volts. The neat thing about these is the blade furling that pretty much keeps it from over speeding. I've watched some of the videos on the Clipper and do understand a little how it works and why its useful but is it necessary for a dc wind generator like this?

To save some money can this just be wired with a fuse/breaker disconnect directly to a classic 150 or 200? This would probably need some type of dump load also to keep a load on it also right? I don't exactly know how to go about hooking that up to the classic. I think I can figure that out by looking around though.

I've loved my classic 150 and the midnite box that's made for the magnum inverter.