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Split negative bus bar in MNPV6-DISCO?

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Hello there,

I am currently building two self contained off-grid solar systems in 20 foot shipping containers. I had originally purchased 4 mnpv6-disco's but have been told I can get buy with just one disco per unit by splitting the negative bus bar in the disco. I am just wondering what the most professional way to do that is? I am sure the answer is very simple once I have accurately provided the pertinent info, however I am currently unsure how to proceed. My supplier is no longer in business so I am left in the dark. Enjoying the challenge but need a little guidance. I have attached an image of the disco/ negative bus bar I am using.

I would think the solution would be to purchase two short bus bars, remove the existing longer existing negative bus bar and replace it with the two short ones?

Thank you for any assistance that may be avail.


I guess I am not following you ?
How many strings of PV do you have ?

It is easy to cut the bus bar in half with a hacksaw though you would need to find something to support the loose ends.

But I am wondering why you need two separate negative bars if they are on the same system ?  One combiner for each separate system is what it sounds like you are doing right ?   So I don't get why you need to separate the negative terminals ? 
Need more info on exactly what you are doing there.


Ditto, we need a lot more detail on your installed system and your proposed system to begin to understand  your problem...
We need to know what is  wrong with your current system?  ?

If you are using Classics, or Outback controllers or Morning star controllers they all use common negatives so no need to split the negative, just install all the negatives on one buss. If using the Kid or Schneider controllers you need seperate negatives, The short buss bars would work but you would have to drill the holes in the chassis, The Short buss bars come with a template or dimensions for doing that so its not to bad.

Hi all and thank you for your responses. Please forgive my vagueness.  I am  learning as  I go as I am sure you can tell. Muchly appreciate your assistance, more than you know.

I am using 2 Schneider 150's charge controllers in each separate solar system. Each system has 18 - 260 watt Jinko solar panels totaling 4680 watts on each array.

I am pretty sure the Schneider 150's each require their own negative so that is why I am moving towards separating the negative bus in the Disco/Combiner.

I am getting pricing on the short black bus bars from Midnite and will order them soon and should have no issues securely installing them.
There is nothing wrong with my current system, its just that it is 90% complete and my tech support has had some life challenges and now is off line so I am left with this project to complete. With nearly 100 K already invested I want to make sure it is done right of course.

I did mange to have a few last short discussions with my supplier and he figures the positive bus in the disco also has to be split, which is pretty straight forward as per the info pamphlet that came with the mnpv6 Discos. The aim was to use only one disco per unit once that was realized as possible option.

I am unsure of the best way to wire up the panels so I do not yet know how many strings but if I am able to speak with my guy a wee bit more before he is completely unavailable I can get that answer and if not I will be thinking that one out also. I know it is straight forward, however until you know something, you don't know it, so just trudging ahead in the mist.

Thank you once again for you time and patience. I absolutely love working with this stuff. Just really want to get it done and get off grid asap.
Look forward to your response.


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