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Re: Absorb times...
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As to setting off CO detectors - why are batteries inside the house, and not in a box or outbuilding with proper venting ?

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Re: Absorb times...
« Reply #16 on: June 03, 2019, 10:10:10 AM »
Hi Tim,

Since you have Flooded LA batteries,  you can use your high quality Hydrometer to actually MEASURE your SGs,   as the charge progresses.

SIX hours of Absorb is a very,   very,   very long time,  unless the battery is taken to somewhere around 50% SOC,  in normal use.

60 V Abs IS high,   unless Surrette has changed to Lead-Selenium-Antimony construction.

The Surrette FLA banks here use Abs voltages of about 58.3 - 58.5 V,   and Absorb times of about 2.25 hours,   on average.

Shunt EA settings of about 0.9%-1.6% of actual 20 hr Capacity.   All of these battery banks are in their 14th year,   so Abs voltage  and EA settings have increased,   somewhat over their lives.

To me,   the Surrette Formula for Absorb time is useless for systems that are charged from off-grid PVs.   IMO,   that formula is for grid-powered chargers and constant current charging.

More info on your system would be helpful,   and the Ah removed from the batteries on the average cycle,   etc.

Just opinions,   Vic
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