Author Topic: Node-Red, ModBus, InfluxDB, Grafana on Raspberry Pi - Solar System Monitoring  (Read 5159 times)


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can you program that BMS to balance the cells at any voltage you choose ?
Most BMS balance at the top and bleed off voltage to let the low cells get charge.
It almost sounds like you want to do something like bottom balancing - in that you won't fill them all the way to the top. The bottom balancing theory was that if all the cells started at the same low point and you stopped charging before they got their last 5 or 10% of charge then it wouldn't matter if the cells were all balanced. If a BMS had the smarts to be able to balance at that lower bottom balancing point that seems like it would be pretty good. There still seemed to be a need for ending amps to stop the charging too though. You may want to ask the cell manufacturer if they have any suggestions on that.

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I only have the info they have provided here for that BMS...  Their bigger ones have same features as well.

For the price, can't go wrong I think and they are a known good entity.   I looked at TinyBMS but that would have cost me close to $400 by the time I got everything.   There isn't much choices when it comes to an affordable BMS that can talk PC.
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