Author Topic: FS: Magnum MS4448PAE 120/240VAC 48VDC with Midnite E-panel and ME-ARC50 Remote  (Read 833 times)


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This package comes with the following items.

    Magnum MS4448PAE 120/240VAC 48Vdc 4400W inverter,  This unit is new and in the box.
    Magnum ME-ARC50 Remote, This unit is new but does not have a box, was used as a floor model.
    Midnite Solar E-Panel MNE175STM,  This unit is new but does not have a box, and was installed as a floor model but never energized, just connected to a
different inverter.  This is a 120V panel that will work with the MS4448PAE but will need to be converted to 120/240V (easy conversion) if you want to use this setup as 120/240V through the E-panel. 

Asking For $2000
Garry Engesser
Behlman Electronics


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Good day
I have a similar 24v magnum I would like to replace with a 48v, is yours still available?
Thanks in advance , Zack