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MNSPD use as EMP protection


Would the MNSPD be adequate for EMP protection on a service panel?

I think MOV's are too slow to protect gear from a real EMP


IEMPs are pretty fast.

However, if your SPD breaks from an EMP, just send it back and we'll replace it.

It would truly depend on the cause of the EMP and some other factors:

A Solar Flare emp you might get good protection from but the utility grid makes a great antenna so an off grid system would be way more likely to survive than a grid connected home. Of course the intensity of the flare would play a large factor also

A nuclear emp is much faster and if you are close to the epicenter you are likely screwed no matter what, As you move further from the epicenter you have more likelyhood you can do something to protect from it but a grid connected device is likely screwed either way,

Long story short the shorter you make your receive antenna for the EMP the better so if you are planning a system to try and survive either EMP make it off grid with NO connection to the grid or long wires, Keep spare electronics in faraday cages and hope we never need them

Thank you for your wisdom guys. It's a tough one I know. There are products like EMP Shield devices that tout protection for your home, cars, solar, etc. Don't know if their products really work or just hype. I currently have 3 MNSPDs configured for for my system. One on the array, one inside on the DC leg from the array and one inside supplying AC as a backup for the inverter / battery bank. If anyone has experience with empshield.com products I would love to glean what you know. Thank you.


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