Author Topic: Is my brat misbehaving ?  (Read 902 times)


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Is my brat misbehaving ?
« on: August 04, 2021, 05:33:37 AM »
I haven’t had a chance to use my brat controller until a few days ago ( I just was capable of getting to my cabin)and was wondering if it’s normal for it to go from bulk charging to Absorb for 2 hours then float ,and when the battery voltage drops below my float setting of 13.2 volts should the controller go back to bulk?( rebulk)bulk indicator ,  As it doesn’t ,it stays in float ( indicator led green)even when the battery voltage drops to 12.7  volts or lower , I have this controller ( brat ) hooked up to two 130 watt panels ,vmp17.1v,imp7.6A,voc24V,wired in parallel , on 12volt system. Brat s1 dip switch settings 1 off,2on,3off,4on,5off,6off,7on, 8 off.  Set up and wired as a 30 amp charge controller.
Thanks Don
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