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SPD question for 120VAC

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Tried replying to a 2014 topic without results so am starting a new topic.

I'm a part-time solar installer. On my own home, am running single-phase 120VAC on Outback inverter off-grid system (20 years old) and just tried to put a Midnite SPD on the AC side. Neutral and ground are bonded within this panel and I ran GREEN wire to ground, then both BLACK and RED wires to AC L1. No LEDs lighting up. In 2014 on a similar query, Ryan wrote that this should work. If so, is it normal to have no LEDs light up?

Any suggestions most welcome.

James in Maine

Here's what I read from Ryan on this topic:

Quote from: Halfcrazy on January 03, 2014, 01:55:31 PM
Here is how I would do it. Presumably one of these panels has the AC neutral and ground bonded. In that panel I would put the red and black on the AC hot lead and the green to ground. In the panel without the bond as the neutral floats sort of I would wire it Red to AC hot, Black (with included white heat shrink) on the AC Neutral and green to ground


from midnite knowledge base

 SPD - How do I test the SPD?
Last Updated 3 years ago

We need to verify the SPD is compromised and not something else in the System.

TESTING procedure for the SPD300-DC and SPD600 and SPD115
Using a simple (good) 9 volt battery.
Connect the RED WIRE to the battery POS and the BLACK WIRE to the battery NEG.
Both LEDs should light.

TESTING the SPD300-AC, SPD300-AC/DC and some older version SPD115.
Connect the RED WIRE to the battery POS and the GREEN WIRE to the battery NEG.
A single BLUE LED should light.

Connect the BLACK WIRE to battery NEG and the GREEN WIRE to battery POS.
The other BLUE LED should light.

Aha! Thanks ClassicCrazy. Took it out, tested with 9V battery. No LEDs light up. Must be a bad one.

Once I get a replacement, is my hook up still GREEN to GROUND, and BLACK and RED to AC L1?


yeah I would go with what Ryan said.
You might check with Midnite to see if they rebuild those spd's.
I thought maybe I saw that mentioned in past .


Thanks Larry. Just opened a support ticket with MN. Your advice was invaluable.



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