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« on: March 08, 2022, 10:58:39 AM »
Good day,

I am currently putting together a 48v solar system for an off grid cabin in Ontario Canada. Planning to use a Victron Multiplus 2 48v 3000va (2400W Continuous/5500w surge) inverter, recommended fuse size from Victron is 125amps. Cable ampacity from battery to breaker/inverter will be oversized for this amperage.

Battery bank planned is a 230ah Lifepo4 bank, 16s/48v. In my research I have seen that manufactures frequently recommend Class T fuses for lifepo4 banks due to their high interrupt capacity (20000a +). The mnedc125 is listed for 10000aic at 125v. In the E series breaker specifications on Midnite website it mentions 80v/50000aic but I can't tell if this is a different breaker or a lower max voltage and resultant higher aic of the MNEDC125.

What I am hoping to do is use the MNDC125 mini disconnect & associated breaker as the main system breaker and inverter/battery on off switch/over current protection without a class t fuse.

Can anyone confirm that the AIC of the MNEDC125 used below 80v is 50000aic? And if so, is there any reason why this setup isn't suitable as planned? Attached screenshot of e series breaker specifications I am questioning.