New Local App for Android.

Started by Halfcrazy, March 10, 2014, 08:45:44 AM

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Just installed on Asus transformer prime TF-201 running android 4.1.1 with out issue. It asked if I wanted adobe air I said go for it so it installed and came right up. Sweet.



Downloaded to Galaxy Tab3.  Parsing error and would not open it.
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Will there now come an update or a new more user friendly version?
You can't let the users hang like on a tree so long time ... what are they doing all the time ... ?

I have the classic now for a year and ... was there something improved?

- can not do all settings (like time setting) like it is possible on a computer (so it can not be the same app, as there is the statement, why used Air to offer the app for all platforms!)
- the scroll lines are hard to touch and move, and on a small devices ... a horrible thing
- also a tricky mad thing, to hit the "enter button"
- then there are "frame windows" in the settings
- every time I start the app, I must enter the serialnumber ... can't it store it?
- some text are overlayed, impossible to read them

my cents again :D

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Unfortunately that Engineer has moved on to work for a company building water purification gear. I am supposed to start looking for some one that can work on this.

In my opinion the normal app will not work on Android or iPhone as it requires to big of a screen to read it. I personally am voting for something entirely different for the phones. As always I value all feedback and will try to bring this to the front of the cookstove this winter.

Changing the way wind turbines operate one smoke filled box at a time


Thanky, Ryan,

it don't need to look so much great, just function is importand ;)
Classic Lite 200 + Classic 200 + Westech Combi 3000 + 12x240Wp + 12x255Wp + 10kWh LFP


Ryan, I will add to Binkino's comment, It is nigh on impossible to make ANY setting changes with the MN Android LApp... my Samsung Tab4 just sits and spins its wheels after entering any data, ie serial #, as is it's non functional...

ps I was just using it to test Grahams Android LApp as I was having  a few issues with getting it going...

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