Belmont Solar Gordonville, PA

Started by b4solar, March 17, 2014, 11:00:16 AM

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Belmont Solar
Ben Zook

3376 Harvest Drive Gordonville PA 17529

(717) 768-7796
“Power, Without the Power Company”

Full service; solar installer. Specializing in battery-based PV, and off-grid power solutions. Personalized service. Located in Southeastern PA. Where quality workmanship comes standard.

Solar & Electrical Power Solutions.
Sales * Service * Installations
Located in Lancaster County PA.
Servicing Southeastern PA area. Includes parts of Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey & Virginia

A dedicated group of Off-Grid power experts

Belmont Solar                  Ben Zook

Main product brands include: Crown Battery, Solar One Battery. Midnite Solar. Outback. Schneider. SMA. ABB. Solar Edge. Winaico Solar, and a few more well-designed products.
Ben Zook
Belmont Solar

“Power, Without the Power Company”