Use Cubietruck and Software defined Radio [RTL-SDR] to read smart meter.

Started by TomW, December 06, 2016, 12:40:27 PM

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12 bucks was a good deal . I would have gotten one for that price.
I have an older SDR but it doesn't have the SMA connector - has a different smaller one - but wasn't too much problem because I just removed the supplied antenna and used the coax on there to make my own adapter.

I recently got an HF SDR kit .  Got it all put together except for the last two connnections - tiny wires from that were wound around a ferrite  about the size of a hair that needed to be soldered onto two pins of a surface mount chip that were so close together . I tried everything in my resources - doubled magnifying glasses but just could not get it . Even have a very fine pointed solder iron but my magnifiers were so close I couldn't get the solder iron in there and hold the wire at the same time. So I just shipped it off to a friend who has better skills and a nice stereo magnifying scope.


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