Simplified data logger for Magnum Energy Devices

Started by CharlesG, October 23, 2018, 10:18:38 AM

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I have developed an open source Magnum Energy (ME) data reader. It reads the packets being transmitted by ME devices when connected to their network. This data is provided as a simple JSON data record that can be used for any kind of analysis or processing. Also included is a data logger that will record the ME data as a CSV file, a JSON file as well as several direct MySQL and SQLite database interfaces. No programming is required to use the software. Unless you can't resist ;)

Full details are available here


Thanks Charles.  Nice job on that !

We need lots of this kind of open source communications stuff in this industry !

K7IQ 🌛  He/She/Me


Hi Charles,

I have our python program setup and working on a PI b+ in my RV for a few weeks. It transmits MQTT to another Pi running home assistant. I have an MSH3012, PT100, BMK, and ME-ARC remote. There are a few anomolies I hope you can help with.

1. 50% of the inverter MQTT messages stop at Stack Mode, #15. The do not include the other 3.
2. #7 VACin, I have 12 messages in the last 24 hours that show either 7 or 16 volts, and 20+ at 140 volts. These ae spread out throught the day.
3. When the inverter goes into "Load Support AAC". mode 11, the mode_text reads "??". I saw the=at mode 11 isn't listed in the, so I added it.

0x11:   "Load_Support_AAC",

However, it still reads "??". I've also seen modes 129 and 130. Note sure if thats bad data, or new modes. I can't find a magnum communication document newer than the 2009 version, which didn't include mode 11 either.

I'm using automations to control energy use based on mode and VACin. I'd like to keep them from being trigger erroneously as much as possible.