Lithium vs FLA batteries

Started by grizzley, January 28, 2019, 09:32:16 PM

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Ron Swanson

The intelligence exists to do this but nobody has implemented it yet, except Schneider as far as I know.  The AES BMS does communicate with them.

I hope soon some sort of standard interface/language exists to allow the lithium BMS to command its own charging requirements / state of charge.  The era of dumb batteries is ending.


Check out used Tesla Battery Modules if you are open to DIY- 250 kWh (including a high quality BMS). Im building a test set up now and will report back
25KW solar array
MicroHydro @ 150 ft of head w/ adaptive water sensing.
2000 AH 48 V ( Tesla Model S Battery packs in 2s1p format)
240 Gal integrated DHW / pressurized thermal storage


system 1
Classic 150 , 5s3p  Kyocera 135watt , 12s Soneil 2v 540amp lead crystal for 24v pack , Outback 3524 inverter
system 2
 5s 135w Kyocero , 3s3p 270w Kyocera  to Classic 150 ,   8s Kyocera 225w to Hawkes Bay Jakiper 48v 15kwh LiFePO4 , Outback VFX 3648 inverter
system 3
KID / Brat portable