Suitability of SPD for Solar powered Well Pump.

Started by nigel, January 30, 2012, 07:24:00 PM

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Hi Guys just looking for confirmation of using a MNS SPD 115 for the following Well Pump with MPPT controller.

It is a Solar Only DC Well pump using a MPPT Controller the operating voltage for the pump is 72v - 96v and a Max VOC for the panel input of 200v to the MPPT controller  and a max Vmp of not less than 102 v. Nominal battery bank if used would be 96v. But in this case I believe its a solar operation only. Attached is a link to the PDF the model in question is a PS1200 Hr by Lorentz

Regards Nigel, Ryan ignore my tel message its not an AC pump as he originally told me !


Consider it ignored. I would say the 115 would be a touch to close for comfort in some situations so I would recommend a SPD300.

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