Who uses Shenzhen Luyuan Technology Co., Ltd LiFePo4 Batteries?

Started by sidpost, March 21, 2021, 05:05:58 PM

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A friend and I are looking at these batteries:

At ~$1900USD, this would be a pretty big spend on Chinese batteries.  They are cheaper than the L16HC-420 battery packs I've looked at and some of the Flooded Lead Acid battery issues would be avoided.  That brings up the question of what issues I might have with these LifePo4 batteries when used with my pending solar panel purchase.

I'm thinking about 24 x 370W panels which I would use to direct drive a 0.5T water chiller while the sun shines (using the chilled water to carry the load overnight regarding warming up the water) along with charging my battery pack.



Not sure about these particular batteries but I have seen Li batteries that look just like these !

Maybe there were ?  They seemed to be OK as I remember.

Sorry, not very useful

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Yes, products like this from China are frequently 'rebranded' and all come from the same source.

The specifications look tempting but, the vendor is unknown to me so, I'm hoping someone with experience pops in to comment either for or against them as a good solution for me.  $1900 is a lot to risk with an unknown vendor in China.


Were those the batteries that Steve recommended in the other post ?
He is the one who has the experience with them and the company.

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That's what got my interest up in LiFePo4 batteries.  I was hoping other people would notice this post and comment on them.  At this point in time, I'm a bit cautious with direct orders out of China, and these lack a BMS.

They appear to be made to order or are possibly 'rebranded' so, I was hoping for a sample size greater than one on this particular battery or possibly similar alternatives from different suppliers.


This is a Known Good Supplier, Amy Wan supplies a large number of people on DIYSolarForum. 
She deals directly with the manufacturers as opposed to the battery cell brokers.
Factory Matched cells are available at a higher cost but so are Bulk Commodity cells which are still Grade-A but on the edges of the grade scale.  Their cells are shipped to most places duties/taxes etc included to your door.  Laser Welded studs, busbars serrated nuts included.

I myself am presently running 2 24V/280AH 8S Packs using Bulk Cells and just about to install the 3rd 24V/280AH alongside the other 350AH I have.  My 3rd pack is using Matched cells and they are different than the Bulk ones, they tested out above 280AH per cell.  They also stay within a 2mOhm IR difference through their operating range.

Many vendors are selling cells obtained from Brokers.  They could be NOS (new old stock), Edge case of Grades, Slight defect or B+.  Others can sell rewrapped cells of questionable origin and without verifiable QR codes.

You can read all about Luyuan Tech at https://diysolarforum.com/index.php


Thanks Steve!

That has a lot of good details for me to consider.   :)


ATTACHED is the Luyuan Basic Lifepo4 Guide for assembly & layout details for battery packs, ranging 12V to 48V.

How to configure battery pack assembly, the required prep & more is within this PDF document.