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Hawke's Bay testing in Texas

Started by Highflyer, August 21, 2021, 06:29:38 PM

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Did retest the Barcelona,  realize that this IS the HB Topic,  but had assumed that it shared this code with the HB.

YES,  the time delay to dimming does work on 1, and 2 minute settings.  The dimming is very subtle.  BUT,  the CC is mounted in a small room,  without any outside light,  so,  the MNGP2 display is always fairly bright.  In high ambient light conditions,  would have the normal brightness set fairly high,  so the difference would be more dramatic,  would guess.

Works fine,  IMO,  I will try to keep my comments specific to the proper Topic.

Will note, though,  the menu system (on the Barcelona),  sure is very intuitive.  Great work!
Thanks,  Vic
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It is all good, the MNGP2 is common to both. 

Also found the 1 and 2 minute dimming worked. I would agree it could dim more or even extinguish after a certain time limit.  I have been using mine as night lights in the barn, so I like full bright.

I'll play with more minutes and get back to this thread.  Anyone else try 5 minutes or say 10 minutes?

The one thing is the one thing


I have updated the software in both MNGPs, Hawk's Bay and Barcelona.  The voice callouts are much better.  I will have to play with the charge controllers in better sunlight to see how the updates do.  I have seen no new issues so far.  All in all, things are maturing well.  I look forward to an awesome year of Midnite stuff!  This stuff is starting to show up for sale in al the normal places.  Fingers crossed.

The one thing is the one thing


I didn't even realize the voice worked . I just turned it on and it sounds okay .
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