Is there a box that accepts 4 strings in and outputs 2?

Started by skysthelimit, December 08, 2021, 11:30:48 PM

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My system is as follows:  I have 32 370 watt panels.  I have two Growatt 5kw inverter/chargers.  Each inverter can accept up to 450 vdc on a single string.  I would like to purchase one box that can receive 4 strings, 8 panels @ ~ 40 vdc each, and combine them so I have just two pairs of wires coming out of the box.  Each string will be around 320 vdc and 10 amps.   One string will go to one of the two Growatts and the other string to the other.  I'm hoping the box will have fuses or circuit breakers that can handle ~320 vdc and 15 breakers or fuses.  Your help would be much appreciated.  I am 100% off grid.  I'm using a midpoint transformer to get a neutral for my 110 ac loads. 


You will need one of the 600V combiners I think.

There are simple combiners with DIN rail mount fuse holders that are inexpensive and can be fitted with a variable number of those fuses.

But that does not take care of the disconnect itself which might be possible with one of the disconnecting combiners.

You can call our main number and talk with someone as well.  Or someone else here may add some good information.

Have you taken a look at the PV combiner area of the MidNite Solar web site ?   There may be some more information there too that may help.

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