Use of MNPV8HV 4X Or3 in grid tie

Started by EW Zuber, April 26, 2022, 04:02:48 PM

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EW Zuber

All the systems I have designed previously have been off grid so I have a few questions about using disconnecting combiners on a grid tied system.
I want to combine two strings of 5 panels each in series (10 panels total). The REC panels have a open circuit voltage of 48.8 VDC X 5 = 244 VDC. Probably a tad higher at -30°F that we get in winter. (Temperature coefficient of VOC: -0.24 %/°C)
Looks like the MNPV8HV 4X Or3 would be the combiner to use with a Fronius transformerless grid tied inverter. It appears to offer the breaking of both the negative and positive circuits for two strings. Correct?
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