DIY charge controller monitoring

Started by pao2, July 14, 2022, 12:56:13 PM

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I have 2 classic controllers running now using the whiz bang and desktop monitoring software. if i get a DIY charge controller, can I just plug it into the network and the software 'discovers' the unit, like the other 2? can't find this information anywhere.


Which software are you talking about ?
Local Status app ?
If so I don't think  that won't will work  because the Local Status app talks different language to Classics than what I think DIY uses.
Someone else can let you know for sure.
system 1
Classic 150 , 5s3p  Kyocera 135watt , 12s Soneil 2v 540amp lead crystal for 24v pack , Outback 3524 inverter
system 2
 5s 135w Kyocero , 3s3p 270w Kyocera  to Classic 150 ,   8s Kyocera 225w to Hawkes Bay Jakiper 48v 15kwh LiFePO4 , Outback VFX 3648 inverter
system 3
KID / Brat portable