Solar edge inverters.

Started by The Ugly One, September 29, 2022, 10:54:13 PM

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The Ugly One

So I have 8 solar edge inverters that are new/out of box. All of them still have the holes for the wires still unpunished. So...

Suolaredge se10kus-480-u... I got 3 of these...

Se3800a-us-a-nrs ... I got 1 of these... this one is new in box. But box is kinda in rough shape.

Se3800a-us-u.... 1 of these new in box still

Se10000a-us-u.... 3 of these.

If interested in any or all send me a message.

Make me an offer. I want to see them go.
I take them Ray Rays, and turn them into that Boom Boom Zap Juice.