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MN3024DIY - MN5048 reliability?

Started by norm, October 11, 2022, 09:44:48 PM

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I am a retailer.  We have sold over 10 units to date and have no returns.

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We have people here in Humboldt County that have low utility bills.  They do not consider solar as appropriate for themselves at prices quoted to them.  My company Six Rivers Solar in business since 1980. My entire business was off the grid for 20+ years.  Fast forward to 2022 and PG$E is ridiculous and getting worse.   These low-usage customers that can't see paying for line-tie systems can be put into 3K systems for about $6,000 after rebates and kiss of PG$G altogether with Li-Ion batteries.  However, there is a backup issue if they don't want to use a generator.  My solution is to replace PG$E by disconnecting the breaker panel from PG$E. Replace it with inverter output. Put PG$E on one new plug for the inverter generator input.  Program the charger to function after peak hours (a simple timer will do if not programmable) and activate the generator function when the batteries drop to 20% or so.  Charge them back up to 50% or so. And continue living off solar without sending anything back to the grid. You are practically off-grid.  Better yet, cancel your electric account and keep the natural gas account and operate off the gas supply.  This backup produces power at half the rate of buying backup electricity from the grid. Or simply use a propane generator.  A cylinder of propane will probably last a year as backup.


Hey Norm !  Great to met you !

I would think that the DIY hybrid or All In One units might not be quite big enough for a home unless they don't have much surge and they conserve a lot.

Of course, that depends on how many inverters you have and how much energy they consume as you well know...   What is the typical monthly energy usage for one of these houses ?   Sounds like you might just have an idea on that. 

The DIYs that we have right now are supposed to be parallel-able but I don't think they are ?  There is going to be (or is supposed to be) a split-phase 120/240 VAC DIY with quite a bit more power.  10kW but it looks like it might be a wee bit delayed ?   I can't define wee here.

As far as dependability, I don't know off hand but I about all I really know, since I am working on newer product designs of our own, is that the DIY quality is very good.  I don't hear about very many coming back but there has been a couple I am sure.

So, how often you think those batteries would drop to 20% SOC ?  They can take plenty of those, but isn't the best for longevity if done way too many times.

But I like it...   If the sun doesn't shine often enough, etc...  Use the grid as a maintenance free generator.

K7IQ 🌛  He/She/Me

ken snow

my 5048 died, second power Up, had unit 5 months, never used. i'm really depressed over this


Quote from: ken snow on January 11, 2023, 03:48:16 AMmy 5048 died, second power Up, had unit 5 months, never used. i'm really depressed over this

WoW !   Well that isn't good.

Pretty sure that unit was just a freak or a lemon ?   

Did you send it back and get a new inverter ?

What was the symptoms ?  Didn't power up ?  Or did it smoke ?

K7IQ 🌛  He/She/Me

ralph day

Don't you love it when the head barber takes an interest in your problem?  Gotta love it!