Midnite Classic temperature sensor "glue"

Started by WillEert, October 28, 2022, 11:07:51 PM

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I am replacing my battery bank. It is a Rolls Surrette 48V 6CS-25P which I am replacing with 6CS-27P batteries. The question is: Will the Classic temperature sensor "unstick" from the existing batteries and then stick to the new batteries? The system has 3 Classics with the temperature sensors attached to the inner liner of one of the batteries such that they sense the temperature of the centre cell. I do not want to buy three new temperature sensors if I don't have to + routing the sensor wire from the battery box to the individual Classics would take a while.

Question 2: If the sensor glue is not reusable has anyone put another type of glue on them and used the sensors again?

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I never glued mine on the battery - I just put a strap around the battery to hold it tight up against the case.

system one
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system two
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system three
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I gently removed mine and placed the temperature sensor on the new battery.  Frankly, I was not too concerned but to be safe I used a wide (2-3inch) packing tape to secure the sensor to the new battery and its held up a couple of years with the sensor currently showing 13.3C on my outside battery box.....
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When possible and there is at least SOME sticky left, I try to squeeze the thermal sensor in-between two heavy batteries.

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