Can I add a second 175A breaker to the MNE250STSLT?

Started by bartholdl, December 06, 2022, 08:52:20 PM

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Hi All,

I'm looking for a disconnect box that has the following.

1) Battery disconnect. 250A is perfect
2) Solar charger output disconnect. 175A is fine.
3) AC bypass switch (50A)
4) room for 3 (at most) DIN rail breakers (10A and 2x 20A)

The closest I can find to this is the MNE250STSLT, but I can't find on the website if I can add a MNEDC175 175A breaker to that for the solar disconnect, or not.

Alternatively, can I use the MNDC250-X2 mini DC disconnect box, and add the AC bypass MNSW-SLIDER-50 to it?

Really appreciate the help!



Hi Barthold,  Welcome to the Forum.

From my limited experience,  there are two knockouts on E-panels which can accommodate 1.5 inch wide breakers (the MNEDC175 & MNEDC250).  One knockout is on the lower left side of the E-Panel, and the other is on the lower right side of the panel.

Usually,  E-Panels are supplied with with one of these breakers installed, and the other knockout is present, but intact,  so an additional 1.5" wide, or even an MNEDC-125RT, 1"wide breaker can be added (as you noted, as is done with the -X2 panels).

The Generic panel that you noted will probably have the bypass breaker which does not have the second breakers for the other AC Hot, allowing bypassing 240 VAC.

MidNite noted, in an earlier Thread in this Topic, that the Generic E-Panel with the 240 VAC bypass breaker set, is referred to as   'MNE250STSLT-240,  if you need that provision.

This can probably be Special-Ordered from resellers of MidNite products,  such as Northern Arizona Wind & Sun.  Am not certain that there would be a choice of which way the door opens   ...

The second MNEDC-Large breaker EDIT (to remove an incorrect recollection of breaker bracket location): might require moving a bussbar,  or something, it you added the second large breaker yourself but there should still be at least one such aux bracket available for your required additional aux breakers.

More later.  Vic
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