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Started by grizzley, December 09, 2022, 08:47:04 AM

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This is not exactly a MidNite related issue so I posted it here

We have an off-grid system with two 48V 420Ah battery strings all US-Battery. We are now looking for more info or a good discussion forum on batteries.
We were very happy with our first set of batteries, they lasted almost ten years all nicely maintained by two MidNite Classic 200. Now we are having issues we’re half of the batteries are failing within 6 months of installation and the seller is dragging its feet on any warranty questions. So I am looking for a good source of information if I am running into an anomaly with the batteries or if I need to change brands, suppliers or even change the type all together. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions. Google is good but you also find lots of junky info so I am hoping you guys have some recommendations as to we’re to find good info or discussion groups.
Thank you
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Concerning your lead acid batteries - are they flooded ? Then getting the specific gravity of each cell will help you evalutate.
Also check wiring to make sure it is all balanced and good connections.
Have you changed how much power you draw out of the lead acid ?
These days it is worthwhile to investigate lithiums.
You can use less lithium capacity than with lead acid. Many of the lithium dealers and brands offer 10 year warranties.
Of course the warranties are only as good as the dealers or brands being around right ?
But they have been selling many thousands of these.
Some research at Signature Solar and Current Connected businesses will help you. Some of them have some good info videos.
Will Prowse has lots of videos but take his recommendations with some grain of salt because he pretty much reviews what he gets for free from manufactuers.
But his forums DIY Solar has a lot of good info and honest critiques too.
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