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Firmware update versions

Started by FNG, December 10, 2022, 08:41:35 AM

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This thread is a running read me for firmware updates for the Rosie RV Inverter. To find the updater and update instructions see our website under software. We ask that this thread be only the read me by Midnite but we will have a separate Beta Firmware thread that is open to all.

Current production firmware:
Rosie RE =

Some features and improvements yet to be implemented
Auto EQ
Global Current Limit
Remote Battery voltage sense
Tracking improvements

This firmware supports multiple Canbus devices (IE Hawkes Bays, Barcelonas and Rosies) on the same bus for coordination of charge stages and sharing of WBjr info Charge settings etc. It has full support for WBjr and Battery Temp senser etc.

Here is a link to the release updater for the version of firmware we are currently using in production


We moved version into production today
1- added temperature compensated charging.
2- Finished system naming and adoption for integration into the midnite system
3- hooked up Force bulk, Force float and Force EQ


Released today this requires MNGP2 firmware of 23.09.15 or newer

fixed generator reason for shut down, So it erases it on next startup for less confusion
Added AC Coupling menu and frequency shift
tuned anti islanding to eliminate false trips