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Beta Firmware

Started by FNG, December 10, 2022, 08:48:45 AM

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In this thread we will keep you up to date on Beta firmware and what it includes, This will be a place for you to offer feedback on your findings etc. We ask this thread stays on topic and only discusses the actual firmware and findings.

Rosie RE =

Currently this is the same as the released firmware

Here is a link to the Beta Updater app in the google play store:



1- AC1 and AC2 LEDs blink when qualifying AC inputs
2- Added Inverter ON/OFF in User Menu
3- Adjusted kWh to allow 3 digits
4- Fixed Math error on MPPT Data Logs Max Wattage
5- Cleaned up status pages for MPPT and Inverter


Released on 1/12 it had a few bug fixes as well as:
1- added temperature compensated charging.
2- Finished system naming and adoption for integration into the midnite system
3- hooked up Force bulk, Force float and Force EQ