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Started by Halfcrazy, October 14, 2012, 09:50:22 AM

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This category is simple. We want a place for everyone to post pictures of their self installed systems. We would like to see the location be the first sentence of the first post so if we need to bust them out later by location we can. Please add as much detail as possible, and please start a new thread for each system.

Thank you
Changing the way wind turbines operate one smoke filled box at a time

Living off grid at Sequoia national Park Kings Canyon California. A bit rocky of a start but thanks to the help I get from midnight I was able to put together a usable system. Thank you for the help. Rich


Awesome !  Glad it is working for you.

Did you re-locate the MNGP remote display ?

K7IQ 🌛  He/She/Me