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Beta Firmware release and read me

Started by FNG, January 12, 2023, 07:43:32 AM

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Beta Release 21_23.01.03.00 Fixes 2 bugs related to a factory restore

1- If you selected Flooded Batteries the unit would not charge as it did not have a Absorb voltage in its memory. A power cycle fixed this or adjusting Absorb fixed this.

2- If you selected anything other than Flooded Batteries the unit would limit to 1.2 amps until it was power cycled.


We released Beta code today it fixed the bug where Arc Fault and Ground Fault would revert to Disabled after a power cycle, The unit now powers back up in the state it was on power down for these two items


We released Beta code today it has a few minor bug fixes, it also tightens up the regulation a little


We released Beta code today
1- Added more Auxillary functions
2- Stabilized regulation at target voltage
3- Added more function to daily logging

Other enhancements for stability


Fixed regulation to tighten tolerances
Fixed bug causing Absorb time to reset
Other functional tweaks behind the scenes


Released today

1- Adds Remote Battery sense action, Will regulate on RBS but needs t0 get RBS from Rosie, Reading RBS coming soon
2- Improvements to tracking to reduce sweep depth and time etc


Released today
1- drastic fixes to tracking, No more slow tracking and now it sweeps only as needed etc.
2- Added Remote Battery sense in completion


Released Hbay and BCLNA code

Added some averaging to the logged High and Low battery voltage shown per day
Added Aux functionality (Still testing all of them)