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DIY Inverters and generators

Started by Saggys, March 11, 2023, 10:34:21 AM

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How well do the DIY series inverters work with Generator input?

I have an SRNE clone that will not accept a non inverter type generator input, the frequency varies 1hz and it will not qualify it.

If I use a inverter type generator that is a solid 59.9hz it will qualify it and it works.

My old Trace PS2512 works with any generator I connect to it.

If this is the case with the DIY series it would be nice to know this before one makes a purchase.

The SRNE clone is my beta test unit before I go all in on a DIY AIO with E-panel.

300 volts is the maximum PV input due to the voltage rating on the e-panel breaker for the 5048 correct?


SEt PARM[03] to APL to widen the freq input range.  The DIY5048 E-Panel has a 600VDC breaker for PV.


Thanks Whizbandit, good to know on the APL setting, I think it only widens the voltage range on the SRNE clone.

 I could not find anything that said more than 300 volts DC for the PV input breaker, I will do some more digging, thanks.

One other question, does the 5048 charge with PV if the power switch is off? The 3548 clone does.


Another post here answered my question as to whether or not the 5048 can charge with PV in with the power switch off? The answer is NO, that is kind of disappointing.