My Midnite no updates for a month +

Started by animal, May 26, 2023, 05:05:06 PM

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As the topic states I have no data being read with my mymidnite program . Can  do a restart of my Classic 150 without loosing any of the setup that I am currently using ? Everything I see is for a hard reset where you have to re-input all the settings .


Just a guess here, but it sounds like a network problem.  Are you hardwired or wireless?

Do you use the local app?

Are you on site or remote from it?

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I doubt that doing a VMM full reset will fix the MM issue.

Have you looked at the Network settings in the Classic to make sure it is getting an IP address from your router ?

Also, the suggestion by LiMiT to try the Local App (have to install Adobe AIR)  to help see if the Ethernet is communicating the other way.

Or, maybe one of our good member's third party cell phone apps night help test that on your network ?

I will see if we can find the threads about that but others on here may remember sooner than me.

You can also call or email our support group. They may be able to offer some suggestions.


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You can save all the settings using Local Status app and then restore them after any update. Not a bad idea to have a backup anyway.
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Sorry for not getting back , been buried with other life . We're hardwired into the Classic through th RJ45 on the lower left which go's into a wireless router & they I read it on my Mac . My kid is back for a week so he's gonna look into it when he has a chance this week & hope to report back with what we  , well actually what he finds out . I will give him the info form this post .