MS4024 Inverter and RC-50 Controller

Started by schroew, July 10, 2023, 10:12:53 PM

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I just converted my house to 48V rack battery and I now have available the MS4024 inverter that has been running my off grid place since 2019. I also have the ME RC-50 Lithium compatible controller that was purchased last summer.
I can post pics if this post generates interest.

$850 Plus shipping. Ships after payment received, I am NOT going to get ripped off.


What do you mean by  "RC-50 Lithium compatible controller"  ?

The RC-50 is the remote control for the inverter/charger.  Do you mean that the RC-50 has a lithium battery selection ?   Did not remember that before.

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If I remember correctly from the docs ( which are very firmware version specific) there are some LI settings. Plus the sticker on the back of the controller says it-