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Whisbang Jr. wrong amp reading

Started by qcda1, July 25, 2023, 08:50:19 AM

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Hello. Just installed a Whisbang Jr. on my main Classic 150 to replace a Pentametric that died on me... Whisbang Jr. is mounted on a Deltec 50mV 500A as per specs and on the negative side of battery bank. All is good except that amperage reading is twice the real amperage. I can confirm this as I have a fixed load at night that I've been monitoring for years and I also added a Victron Smart Shunt in series with the WBJr. shunt to measure load. The Classic is hooked up between the two shunts. That allows me to measure load only with the Smart Shunt.
So any ideas as to why this happens? Any adjustments I can make in the registers? I'm able to read/write registers with my Raspberry that already communicate with my Classics. Tried to see if something could be done with the Local Application without luck...
BTW, I have two Classics in "follow-me" arrangement in a 48VDC system.

Thanks in advance!



Can you show wiring of your shunts - photo or a line drawing ?
I don't understand the " Classic is hooked up between the two shunts "?
Also - do you have the wire off the Whizbang going in the correct direction ?

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