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no float

Started by KenB, October 06, 2023, 01:55:15 PM

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A malfuntioning Kid, replaced by new from Midnite does not go to float. Are end amps too high? Plenty sun all day, old Kid under refrigeration would float by 1400/1500 day. Help?


Need more info about your system Ken - what kind of batteries and their age, what are your charge settings, what is your PV setup , etc.

system 1
Classic 150 , 5s3p  Kyocera 135watt , 12s Soneil 2v 540amp lead crystal for 24v pack , Outback 3524 inverter
system 2
 5s 135w Kyocero , 3s3p 270w Kyocera  to Classic 150 ,   8s Kyocera 225w to Hawkes Bay Jakiper 48v 15kwh LiFePO4 , Outback VFX 3648 inverter
system 3
KID / Brat portable


I apologize foe jumping in here. I have nearly missed replies to my queries due to email messages coming into my spam mail box. Just wondering if this is why the OP hasn't been responding after initial post?
12 Suntech 175's
   Classic 200
   Bogart Tri Metric
   Trace SW 4024 (brand new, sort of, first energized Feb. 2015)
  460 Ah. 24 volt LiFePo4  Battery bank