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Grid sell functionality

Started by bkrahmer, November 20, 2023, 01:21:20 PM

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Howdy.  I'm planning my next build, and plan to use 2 Rosie inverters, and Barcelona charge controller.  I'm wondering about the state of the grid sell functionality.  I plan to hook the grid to one Rosie (as my main backup battery charger), and a generator to the other (backup of the backup).  I'd love to be able to turn on the grid to charge my batteries at say 15%, and disconnect at 35% (I believe this is already available when the SOC is correct using wizbang jr or something), AND also use SOC for grid sell, like export when batteries hit 98%, and disconnect when they hit 90%.  I would also like to control the amps of the grid sell.  Is something similar to this available already or planned?



This is all planned and not hard to do of course.

The only thing is getting Rosie tested and listed for grid-tie selling.

Selling back to grid is easy.  It's all the UL/ETL type testing and bureaucracy that has to be gone through to make it legal.   Some time in 2024, hopefully earlier than later for this.

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