WHIZ BANG JR incorrect Amp Hours on Startup

Started by mcneill78@windstream.net, December 12, 2023, 11:27:32 AM

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Changed from 2 x 12v 100ah AGM to 2 x 12v 100ah Lithium.  Reset Kid to Lithium, 12V etc.  Enabled WBJ.  Shows 100% SOC (correct) but 400ah instead of 200.

>>>>>>>> Solved, boB reminded me to set WBJ parameters after the reset >>>>>>>>>>>


After re-starting or booting a powered down Classic, it will assume 100% state of charge except that it is not confirmed until the first Absorb to Float transition.  This assumes that Absorb time and voltage are programmed correctly as well as amp-hours battery capacity and amp-hour charge efficiency.

Have you gone to the Whizbang-Junior setup screen(s) and adjusted these parameters ?

From the main status screen,  press STATUS until you hit that screen.  It is 2 or 3 screens away from the first status screen.

There is a MORE soft-key (upper-left and/or upper-right soft-key for the other parameters.

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Thanks, forgot that step from 5 years ago!