DIY inverter and Non inverter type generator use

Started by Saggys, February 24, 2024, 08:32:48 AM

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I have asked this question before and it never got a solid answer. Will a non inverter type generator work with the MN5048, MN3548 and MN3024 DIY AIO inverters?

I am still using my SRNE AIO clone inverter and I only have two issues with it: Inverter type generator only on its AC input for battery charging and the DC battery voltage range it works with. So all in all pretty impressed with its performance so far.

I did purchase a MN3548 AIO with a e-panel and now also have some LIFEP04 batteries on the way so the voltage range on the DC input should not be a issue any longer. I am hoping the frequency acceptance range will be wide enough to use my stationary propane powered Onan with it for battery charging.



I summoned someone who might know the answer.

K7IQ 🌛  He/She/Me


Yes they work fine with non inverter generators. One menu item for voltage and frequency window that needs to be changed as it ships in a narrow setting


Thank you gentlemen, the setting in question might be APL? I will find it.