Any reason NOT to use midnite SPD on my mains from the grid?

Started by cpm, September 21, 2012, 12:44:37 PM

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I'm more concerned about lightning strikes to the local transformer/powerlines than my own array, for what should be
obvious reasons.

of course, I'd want to have surge/lighting protection on my PV system, but is there any reason not to use them on the mains
coming into the house?

is this a stupid question?


you could and should have an spd there as most damages are from the utility lines picking up a strike or emp from lightning and sending it on down the utility lines. an spd you may think as only for inverter protection, or on the dc side of things the controller, but it helps to protect much more than that and placing one at the main breaker box for the utility ac with or without solar applications is very desirable.


Hey Niel;

Thanx much for the response. Of course, had I actually bothered to read the manual, it would have been obvious.
So, yeah, that's a 'stupid question' demerit. :)



that's ok as it is not as stupid of a question as you think. most would not think of it in a non-solar application, but it works quite well for general protections too.