DC systems with and without breakers new range of Videos ?'

Started by nigel, February 28, 2013, 06:02:01 PM

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Hi Powertime videos are great and Ive wondered if you guys at Midnite have consider making some videos of what happens when systems dont have the correct DC breakers. I know Ryan likes making smoke with electronics but how about a  video that  shows with and without breakers installed and the power of battery banks . Whats the biggest wrench(spanner)  you guys could smoke ?

I know your busy with stuff but it could be fun, blowing stuff up.

Just my 2 cents from a man in a country that don't think DC breakers are important, even some distributors    :-[

Something like this but on a sliding scale eventually finishing with a 250 amp breaker




Nigel, I would love to do this. That is ....... if you volunteer to be the actor. Explding batteries can ruin your day.
Robin Gudgel


Safety Point noted ,,, but being a fan of the US TV programme Mythbusters who manage to blow lots of things up , a cheap video camera and a long cable would be a start.  :o


Research institute of sustainable energy at Murdoch UNI in West Australia did tests on the wrong polarity of DC breakers,  mini DIN AC breakers & switches on DC.
here are some videos showing what can happen:




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Thanks for posting these, very graphic display of how your house can get burnt down

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